Q1We will arrive at Chubu International Airport before the ticket’s starting date. Can we exchange our coupons for ticket?

A1Yes, you can. You can exchange your coupons anytime at designated exchange place by the time your tickets will start.

Q2Where can we exchange our coupons for tickets except Chubu International Airport?

A2You can also find more designated voucher exchange counter which concerning about SHORYUDO Bus Pass.
Voucher Exchange Place

Q3We will arrive at an airport after 21:00. Can will still exchange our coupons for tickets after we will get to the airport?
Please tell us the business hours of the exchange places.

A3There are two exchange places at Chubu International Airport, details are as given bellow.
Central Japan International Airport MEITETSU Tourist Information Center /
   Business hours: 8:30 – 17:30
   Business hours: the first train of the day – 8:30, 17:30 – the last train of the day

Q4Can we make seat reservations? We would like to know how to reserve the seats.

A4We don’t accept seat reservations. Please make your reservations by yourself at an operating bus company’s ticket counter.
Seat reservation window

Q5Can we make all seat reservations at MEITETSU BUS CENTER?

A5You are not able to reserve all your bus seats at MEITETSU BUS CENTER. Each operating bus company has a different window to accept seat reservations Please make your seat reservations at the operating bus company’s window.
Seat reservation window

Q6Do I have to use round-trip train tickets or bus tickets within the effective date of 3-Day Pass or 5-Day Pass?
(Including the tickets which access to airport and from airport)

A6Yes, you do. You have to use those tickets within the effective date of 3-Day Pass or 5-Day Pass. For example,if the effective date of your 3-Day Pass is from Apr.1 to Apr.3 ,then you have to use it during the period.

Q7Is infant fee same as that of adult?

A7It is for free, if the infant or child won’t take a seat. We don’t have child and infant fee rate.

Q8Do you accept other ways to exchange the tickets such as showing smartphone’s screen?

A8Yes. Show QR code to counter staff at the ticket exchange counter.

Q9If I did not use the tickts, is it possible to refund that passenger ticket?

A9I'm terribly sorry about that, once you have received the bus ticket, passenger tickets are not refundable.

Q10 Is it possible to stop over from Airport Station to designated station for SHORYUDO Bus Pass?

A10No stopover on this ticket.

Q11Can Japanese use SHORYUDO Bus Pass?

A11Please note that customers with a Japanese passport can not use this ticket.