Himakajima Island one-day tour with seafood lunch (Aichi Pref.)


6,700JPY (per person/tax incl.)
Children (primary school student):
5,900JPY (per person/tax incl.)

Set contents

Meitetsu sightseeing boat Round-trip ticket (Kowa Port to Each harbor on Himakajima Island) / Lunch at Japanese-style lodging Taikairo (Seafood Kaiseki cuisine) map

Tour Information

Daily departures (Use the liner at any time you like)
Exceptional days: April 2-5
Shipping company used: Meitetsu Kaijo Kankosen Co.,Ltd.

Itinerary (Recommended timetable)

«11:05» Kowa Port (※Seven-minute walk or free-shuttle bus from "Meitetsu Kowa Station") → «11:25» Himakajima Island West Harbor → "Enjoy a stroll and lunch ("Taikairo") on Himakajima Island" → «15:40» Himakajima Island West Harbor → «16:00» Kowa Port
※Meitetsu trains are convenient for travel to Kowa Port. The trip by special express from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Kowa Station takes approximately 46 minutes.