Meitetsu World Travel offers arrangements for sightseeing tours, general business trips, and services involving research, lectures, and technical visits. We have a proven record of performance for sending nearly 300,000 travelers annually throughout the world.
Our customers have travelled with ease and confidence, having left all arrangements to our company.
Among the wide array of responsibilities which have been entrusted to Meitetsu World Travel by our customers include hotel reservations, flight and train ticket applications, tour bus and taxi charters, arrangements for shrine and temple admission tickets, and convention support. In every aspect, Meitetsu World Travel offers experience, reliability, and an established network with which to accommodate your travel needs.
As a package tour wholesaler, Meitetsu World Travel has sent large numbers of satisfied customers on our "Panorama"and "Try" package tours. We take care of every detail for accommodations, transportations, arrangements with sightseeing facilities, and much more.
From studying business markets, industry, and culture, to investigating new machinery or fashions, Meitetsu World Travel has been arranging business related travel plans for our customers throughout the world. Hotel, transportation, whatever your need, Meitetsu World Travel will make all your travel arrangements.
For every kind of convention or event, from promotional meetings to international events, we at Meitetsu World Travel, will make all the necessary plans for Japan and overseas travel.
We will make all arrangements from reserving the actual meeting location, to transporting participants and guests, to arranging accommodations, and much more.
From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we offer package tours to all places of scenic beauty and historic interest. Our Jumbo March brand tours have been extremely popular. Because our Jumbo March tours take care of every detail of your trip, your travel will be free from worry.
Our Panorama tour is a Meitetsu World Travel original which offers trips around the world to such places as the continental US, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hawaii, Guam, and elsewhere. Reliable and trustworthy preparations are made for our customers that cover every aspect of the tour.
For the more economically minded, we offer the "Try package Tour" This tour also offers reliable and comfortable travel arrangements for our customers.

...was Established in 1956 with IATA passenger and cargo agency qualifications. With full support from Nagoya Railroad CO., Ltd. Meitetsu Wold Travel has grown into one of Japan's leading companies in the travel industry.
Headquarters:14-19,2-chome Meieki-minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Japan
Telephone:052-582-2101 Facsimile:052-571-3854
Branch Offices:123 ◆Capital:\300 million President: Akira KANNO
Employees: 1,800 as of April 1,2003 Annual Turnover:\130 billion
Lines of Business:
1.Passenger sales agency for domestic and overseas airlines, ship ping firms, and other transportation organizations
2.Organization of inclusive overseas travel for individuals and groups
3.Cargo sales agency for international air freight and customs brokers
4.Inbound tour operator for foreign tourists
5.Insurance agency 6.Authorized money exchanger
Authorized Memberships:
IATA(International Air Transport Association) / PATA(Pacific Area Travel Association)
ASTA(American Society of Travel Agents) / JATA(Japan Association of Travel Agents)
Overseas Offices(Local Corporations)
U.S.A. Meitetsu Travel U.S.A. Corporation
・Los Angeles (Head Office)
1515 W. 190th st., suite403 Gardena, CA 90248 Telephone: 310-323-4111 Facsimile: 310-323-5533
Meitetsu Express U.S.A Corporation
・Los Angeles (Head Office)
419-A Hindry Avenue Inglewood, California 90301 Telephone: 310-417-5356 Facsimile: 310-337-7938
・New York
Cargo Bldg, #14 Westwing Sute16 JFK International Airport Jamaica, NY 11430
Telephone: 718-917-8810 Facsimile: 718-244-1986
Meitetsu Hawaii, Inc.
ANA Karakaua Center 2155 Karakaua Ave. Suite #712 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, U.S.A.
Telephone: 808-926-0364 Facsimile: 808-924-3402
Overseas Branches
・Paris c/o Miki Tourist
9, Rue Scribe 75009 Paris France Telephone: 4265-2181
・Hong Kong c/o Pak ShingTravel Co., Ltd.
Room 401,4th Floor 45-51 Chatham Rd.,Kowloon Telephone: 7230228 Facsimile: 7398773
・Taipei c/o Sunrise Travel Service Co., Ltd.
9th Floor Buckingham Bldg.178 Chang-ane Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei
Telephone: 02-741-4966 Facsimile: 02-771-0820
・Bangkok c/o SIAM Central Express
SNC Tower 12th EL 33 Sukhumuit Soia Bangkok 10110 Thailand Telephone: 2342215 Facsimile: 2364171
・Singapore c/o ITS Central Tours
89 Short Street, #10-10 Golden Wall Center, Singapore Telephone: 3390400 Facsimile: 3394752
・Saipan c/o R&C Tours Saipan Inc.
Saipan Grand Hotel, P.O. Box 1268 Saipan M.I.96950 Telephone: 2347430 Facsimile: 2348974
・Nanjing c/o Nanjing Grand Hotel
208, Guanghou Road, Nanjing, China Telephone: 3311999 Facsimile: 3315385

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