Go straight form Nagoya to Iga the hometown of Ninja! Iga bus liner from Nagoya! Plan B

Using Mie Kotsu high way bus, you can go to hometown of Ninja of Igaryu. Try Ninja costume and shuriken experience at Ninja Museum of Iga-ryu. And watch a show where ninja tools that were actually used in the ninja heyday are demonstrated. Shuriken, swords, and kusarigama are used in this exciting display. And at the Ninja experience hall can also learn about the tools ninja used to carry out their strategies, and even try using some of the tools by themselves.


Adults (Junior high school students and over)
5,800JPY (per person/tax incl.)
Children (Primary school students)
3,600JPY (per person/tax incl.)
Sales term
- 31/03/2020
Not available on
18/10/2019, 19/10/2019, 20/10/2019, 29/12/2019 to 01/01/2020

Set contents

Round-trip highway bus ticket / Admission for Ninja Museum of Igaryu / Rental charge of Ninja costume / Shuriken experience

Tour Information

Departure date
Daily departures


Danjiri Museum (Receive Ninja Museum of Igaryu admission ticket at information center in Danjiri Museum)

Please change into Ninja costume at Danjiri Museum

Free time (Enjoy Ninja Museum of Igaryu, local food and Japanese sweets)

Voucher usage

  1. Give the voucher to bus crew when getting off highway bus at Ueno-shi eki mae
  2. Danjiri Museum receive Ninja Museum of Igaryu admission ticket
  3. Give the voucher to bus crew when getting off highway bus at Meitetsu Bus cente Map