One-day Onsen plan Mugegawa Onsen course

Hot spring at Mugegawa include an open-air hot-spring spa, silk bath, seasonal bath, cauldron bath and sitting bath among others to enjoy.


2,000JPY (per person/tax incl.)
Children (Primary school students):
1,100JPY (per person/tax incl.)

Children aged 4 preschool-age require 300 JPY for Mugegawa Onsen admission

Set contents

Round trip route bus ticket / Mugegawa Onsen admisson (bathing fee)
※You can also enter the stone sauna.

Tour Information

Departure dates:
Daily departure (Please use the route bus at the time you like)
Exceptional days:

※Aug.13‒ 15, Dec.29 ‒ Jan.3 follows weekend and holiday timetable

Example Itinerary

Exchange vouchers at Gifu bus terminal travel center
Take route bus at No.12 bus stop at JR Gifu station
Mugegawa Onsen bus stop
Enjoy hot springs and local food
Take route bus from Mugegawa Onsen to JR Gifu station

Voucher Exchange Counter

Gifu bus terminal travel center ticket window Map & Details


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