Nihon-Taishomura and Iwamura. The village of female lord of Iwamura castle

Experience the historical and cultural sites still in existence today in this unique castle town, including canals and Masugata town scape. Along the historical 1.3-kilometer-long street, the former merchant houses and residences, and "namako-style" white walls still stand. This area is Important Preservation District for groups of Historic Buildings.


1,750JPY (per person/tax incl.)
Children (Primary school students)
1,150JPY (per person/tax incl.)

Set contents

Tohnoh Tetsudou fixed-route bus ticket / Akechi railroad ticket / Iwamura castle town "Otoku-pon" (gift voucher)

※Receive discount entry tickets for the Taisho Village Roman Museum, Taisho Village Museum, and Taisho Era Museum.

Tour Information

Departure date
Daily departures (Use the buses and trains at the times described)


Enjoy "Japan Taisho Village"

Voucher usage

Show the vouchers at

  1. Outward route-bus: When getting off the bus at Akechi Station bus stop.
  2. Akechi railroad: Show the vouchers when getting on the train and getting off at Iwamura station.
  3. Give the vouchers to train crews when getting off the train at Ena station at the end.
  4. "Otoku-pon": Tourist information office Iwamura-brunch (Fureai-no-yakata) Map

※Receive discount entry ticket for Taisho Village Roman Museum and Taisho Era Museum at tourist information office Map & Details


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