Trip around Cape Irago and experience of an open-air hot-spring spa with a magnificent view of the sky and sea (Aichi Pref.)

The spa VIEW open-air hot-spring spa like the place where the sky, spa and spa waters meet.

Tour costs

3,500JPY (per person/tax incl.)
Children (primary school student):
1,750JPY (per person/tax incl.)

※Reservation is required by 12:00PM three days before the departure.

Set contents

Fixed-route bus one way ticket (Toyohashi to Cape Irago) / Cape Irago View Hotel spa admission ticket / Fixed-route bus + train return ticket (Cape Irago to Toyohashi)

Tour Information

Daily departures (Please use the buses and trains shown on the timetable below.)
Railroad and Bus companies used: Toyohashi Railroad Co.,Ltd./Toyohashi Bus Co.,Ltd.


«10:35» Toyohashi Station bus stop → «12:20» Cape Irago bus stop → Irago Roadside Station, Crystal Port → Irago View Hotel → «16:03» Cape Irago bus stop → «16:52» Tahara Station bus stop → «17:02» Mikawatahara Station (Toyohashi Railroad) → «17:37» Shin-Toyohashi Station (Toyohashi Railroad)


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