JR Tokai bus and Aonami line combination ticket
Central International Japan - Kinjo pier - Nagoya

This 4 set of ticket enable to travel from Central Japan International Airport to Nagoya via Kinjo pier which has many amusement places like SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, Makers pier. Using convenient train and bus. You do not need to waste your precious time with these tickets.


2,100JPY (per person/tax incl.)


  1. One-way bus ticket Central Japan International Airport ~ Kinjo pier
    Bus ticket is available for Mie Kotsu bus and JR Tokai bus.
  2. One-way train ticket on Aonami line (Kinjo futo station ~ Nagoya)
  3. 800JPY voucher (Enable to use as money coupon at Makers Pier)
  4. Discount coupon for SCMAGLEV and Railway Park (200 JPY discount)

How to use

  1. Show the voucher to bus crew at Airport bus stop No.2 or No.3 bus stops.
    Bus ticket is available for Mie Kotus bus and JR Tokai bus.
  2. Show the voucher to crew at Aonami line manned gate.
  3. Change voucher at Maker's pier "Welcome Center".
  4. Show the voucher at SCMAGLEV and Railway Park entrance window with admission ticket.
    ※Customer requires to purchase admission ticket.

Example itinerary

Central Japan International Airport (JR Tokai Bus or Mie Kotsu Bus)
Kinjo pier
Enjoy Kinjo area; Maker's pier and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
Kinjo futo station (Aonami Line)
Nagoya station

Time table


Aonami Line



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