KIMONO and YUKATA rental plan ( Inuyama-shi Aichi pref. [INUYAMA BIYORI] )

Experience real Japanese kimono and Yukata at INYUAMA BIYORI, located 3 minutes walk from Meitetsu Inuyama Station, and enjoy walking around Inuyama castle town in traditional costume. We also have a YUKATA plan (YUKATA is special summer kimono), Stroll around picturesque Inuyama in colorful season dress.


3,850 JPY (per person/tax incl.)

※Includes rental and dressing up by a professional dresser.

Inner Kimono and Geta (traditional footwear) are included.


  1. Apply from our website.
  2. Pay with credit card on the web.
  3. Bring printed vouchers when come to INUYAMA BIYORI and show to staff.
  4. Chose Kimono or Yukata
    ※No charge for luggage storage.
  5. Dressing up
  6. Walk around and enjoy Inuyama castle town
  7. Return kimono or yukata to INUYAMA BIYORI by 18:00.


Please refer to INUYAMA BIYORI Official Website for more information.
Access: 3 minutes walk from Inuyama Station West exit.

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